1、Snoopy often imagines himself as a World War I flying aceSnoopy经常想象自己是一位一战飞行王牌 As an object作为宾语 Charlie Brown takes care of Snoopy查理·布朗照顾Snoopy I bought a plush toy of Snoopy我买了一个Snoopy的毛绒玩具总之,Snoopy在英语。

2、Snoopy’s interactions with Woodstock are always entertaining史努比与伍德斯托克的互动总是很有趣Snoopy’s dancing always brings a smile to my face史努比的舞蹈总是让我笑逐颜开I have a Snoopy plush toy on my bed我床上有一个史努比的毛绒玩具。